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Controlling the Dead (The Famished Trilogy, #2) - Annie Walls I could very well give Controlling the Dead five stars. I should actually be giving it five stars. But I can't. Because of the events that took place in this book broke my heart. I can't and won't spoil it for fans who are anxiously awaiting this book.
Controlling the Dead expands, explains, and then cloaks itself back under it's veil. For all the answers that we get, a few more pop up. For all the revelations, more things come to the surface. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? All I can tell you is that by the end of the book the only character I trust is Kan. So many things happen to her that I can see why she often wants to go back into her hole.
I can't wait until she lets me take a peek at book three!!!
The action and romance that you loved (or for some strange reason hated) is still here. So yeah, if you hated the romance aspect of the first book then you probably won't like this one.
I, for the record, can't stand reading books that are devoid of romance and sex. It's boring and not true to human nature.
Annie is still the queen of gross descriptions. Seriously. Ugh. It's so good, and bad that I could very vividly imagine what these things look and smelled like.
Kan spends a good time dealing with her attack at the end of book one. She also carries a huge load of guilt. It affects her and the choices she makes, but I never felt like I was wallowing in her pity party. She grows as a character, and the story grows.
Overall Controlling the Dead was everything I wanted. Kind of. But I can't speak of that. Annie knows what I am talking about. ;-)
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.