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Blood Chosen (Blood Series, #3) - Tamara Rose Blodgett Wow. Just wow. This was full of twists and turns. So unexpected. It felt like there were fireworks exploding everywhere! Such a great addition to the series!

Having had a few days to absorb the full impact of this book, and trust me it's needed, all I can say is EPIC. From cover to cover Tamara takes us on a wild ride. It has it's ups, it has its downs, but it is always phenomenal.

For people who have a hard time following multi-pov's of the series, I have to tell ya, I didn't struggle as much with Chosen. And I am the beta that asked for the index. It's two parts, I knew who the characters are. Tamara really gave them a full range of depth in this one. It's just. The other two singers books were fantastic, but this one is fucking EPICsauce!