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Nomad - J.L. Bryan I received this book right before I left to go to UtopYA in Nashville. And boy was I excited. Beyond excited. I mean, come on, it's JL Bryan!!! I secretly fangirl him. <-Not as dirty as it sounds....<br/>
So anyway I read it on the plane trip to and from Nashville. What a great way to avoid the strangers I sat by on the mini-plan. Nothing says anti-social politely like reading a great book!!!! Anyway it was a great way to spend the two hours I actually flew and the four+ hours I spent sitting in airports.

Raven wakes up in the middle of the road. She has no idea who she is, where she comes from or what she is doing. What she does know is that she has a pack with clothes, money, and a fancy gun. As things progress her memories come back to her. She remembers her life. The life of a child solider living under a tyrant. Raven is out to change things for the better, but will she make thing worse.

JL Bryan, thanks a lot for messing with me like this! This book is great. Do you like action in your books? Do you like romance? Kick ass heroines? Do you like twists? Science Fiction? If you said yes, oh yes, definitely, yup, and duh? Then Nomad is the book for you. This book was epic beyond epicness. What does that mean? It means JL Bryan took the best parts of almost every book I have read and threw them in here. It was a wild ride.

Raven was a great character. I laughed with her, I yelled at her, and she almost made me cry. Actually, I think I might still be mad at her.

The ending. Ahh. When you finish this book you will hounding JL for a sequel. I would but I just admitted secretly fangirling him. I think personal contact from now on might result in a restraining order....so do me a solid and tell him I want a sequel? K, thanks!

From page one I was drawn into this cool dark world. JL painted me a pretty(ugly) picture and he made it so vivid that I forgot that I was a deathly height above ground (did I mention that I am afraid of heights). I wanted to crawl into Raven's life and look around for a bit. I would have lived her life for about an hour or two.

The time travel aspect of the book was the only place where I might have tripped up. But that's because I am a science moron. Come on folks I'm a social scientist, not a magician. I think a normal person, who isn't a complete moron like myself ,will understand the how time travel vodou that is going on here.

Now the dystopian. Yeah I got that. I loved that. I have no problem picturing a world that is the opposite of utopian. NONE. AT. ALL. I might have issues.

If you like a cool kick ass futuristic dystopian time travel book then this is the book for you! If you loved his Jenny Pox series then you will like this series. JL Bryan is a great author!