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Dissidence (Dissidence, #1) - Jamie Canosa Kaleigh lives on her own. She's a bakers assistant, but is not so good at the walking, mixing, physical things needed for the job. So the baker puts her on the register. Where she deals with idiots day in and day out. Her only friend is Peter, he is the only person she feels comfortable being herself with. Kaleigh has a big mouth, a mouth that ends up getting her in trouble. She is found Dissident, and sent to a work camp to toil in an iron mine. It's slave labor and everyone is there because they questioned the way things were. But Kaleigh has a plan to get out, and she does. Little does she know that her actions are the beginning of something big.

This book was awesome. It's like the Hunger Games, Divergent and a whole lot of other dystopians rolled into one! It has action, adventure, a lot of feels, and very very light romance.
Kaleigh is a very likable character. She reminds a lot of myself. I hate people too. She's opinionated and lacks filter. Yep, and Yep.

The action sequences are the best! Jamie's writing really shines while she is writing the action. They are easy to follow, but yet still fast paced and exciting. A lot of times when writers write action scenes I have a hard time following. I am not a visual person. When I read a movie does not show in my head. So sometimes I sit there and think, huh, how is their hand doing that? But that was not the case here.

The romance is so light in this book. So if you are sick of books that poor on the kissing then this is the book for you! It's not overkill, it doesn't saturate every aspect of the story. Sure we all know there is a love triangle going on, but because the MC doesn't know it we get to play oblivious too! I can't make any promises how book two will play out, because I haven't read it yet.

Now to address the four star rating. The ending. That one word. Well let's just say I was so "Gahhh" at it that I had to only give it a four star rating. I do random subjective stuff like that. It has nothing to do with the quality of the work, or even my enjoyment. I just feel like Jamie is torturing me. I want to know what happened!!!!
So there you have it. Loved the book