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Dire Warnings (In Darkness We Must Abide, #6) - Rhiannon Frater Season 2 sneaks in and then goes out in style. With Vanora once again turning her life upside to down to get away from the darkness. From the title of the series I'm starting to lose hope that Ms. Frater will let Vanora free from the darkness. After all she's saying that we "must abide" it. I say "Fu...Forget that! I want a freaking HEA (happily ever after)!!"

Sigh. One of these days Frater is not going to make me cry. Please, Rhiannon, I just want to read one of your books without making an ugly cry face!! Luckily, there wasn't any crying this episode, but that's because I am still numb from the season one closer. Although, she almost had me when Vanora gets a vision of her parents death. Almost, but I managed to shut it down.

Rhiannon KILLED me with episode five. So episode six was a nice recovery from that emotional roller coaster. However, since I was paying attention I can see her laying the foundation for what will happen next. There are subtle clues throughout that Vanora's life is not settled, that things are quickly going to go to crap.

The perks of reading this serial are amazing. I get a Rhiannon Frater fix every few weeks, I get to spend time with her characters more often, and they are short enough that I can easily fit them into my crazy schedule.