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The Vampires (In Darkness We Must Abide, #5) - Rhiannon Frater Episode 5 is an epic episode. It's meaty and everything has built up to it. Needless to say that the previous episodes, even the deaths in episodes 1 & 2 where the calm before the storm that Rhiannon unleashes in this one!
Armando made a splash in episode 3, gives a gift in episode 4, and completely manages to fuck shit up in episode 5. But it's not just Armando being a douche, it's Roman, and Alisha, and all the other vampires. Trust me, things go to hell fast. So fast. If you think Armando is the bad guy (which you will know more about his intentions in this episode)wait until you meet his Master. Season 2 is going to be even more amazing now that he is on the stage. Look for it to come out in June.
Thank you Rhiannon for allowing to me to read and review this serial. I am loving it!