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From Ashes - Molly McAdams 1.5 because I finished it.
Cass has lived a horrible life, her dad died when she was young, her mom and her husband beat the crap out of her. Her bff, Tyler is her rock, then he tries to get in her pants, kicks her out and she almost dies in a snow storm (in Texas) so he's out five thousand. Don't worry, they make up again. So she falls into the arms of Gage, who is a dick head, but OMG he has a big wiener and muscles. He says Darlin' and wants to claim her. OH and they have been in love since the moment they met. Literally, the moment. they. met. I thought with all the talk about electricity and such that this would morph into a PNR, but no.
Oh and there is Connor who is a cop that came to her house after she got beaten. But did nothing to investigate further (and he came from an abusive back ground so he gets her. That is what I got from this book in a nutshell.
What the hell was this book? Why the hell are super charged alpha males being sold in stock to young readers, and why on earth do I keep reading the books that love to glorify these douches. Oh yes, because I am a gluten for punishment. I just, don't even know what the heck to say about this book. It was just, bad. The high point for me was when Cass got stung by a scorpion and almost died. I was so giddy and excited for her to die. Then Gage gets in a car at one point (several points?)and I thought, this is it, this is when HE dies. But alas, no one dies in this book other than her abusive mom and step dad.

quote that turned my stomach and made me want to throw my kindle:

"Cass, he can't just make you stop talking to me."
"You,re right, Connor, he can't," she said shocking the hell out of me.(Gage)"But he doesn't want me talking to you, so I'm not going to. I meant every word I said to you in California, and I told Gage that too....."

First of all, no. Second of all, NO! That's wonderful that you want to respect your boyfriend, but seriously you don't just cut off people in your life because he wants you too. That's a giant red flag for a manipulator and abuser. And Gage does this repeatedly.
Cass, has no goals in life. Yes, I realize that she never thought she would live to survive her mother and her step father's abuse. But once she got out of that situation she could have put some thought into her future. Nope.
No person, not a single person could be beaten almost to death by parental units and then have to witness them have sex afterward, without needing serious therapy. Which Cass never gets. Instead she goes straight into the arms of a guy who has no problems sexually/mentally manipulating her (Her friend, Tyler) and a guy that has a very violent temper that gives her flashbacks and anxiety attacks.(Gage)
Sorry, but this book is was NOT for me. At all. I finished because I seriously thought that the MC was going to bite it, which would have been an interesting twist. Instead I got chapters of gooey unrealistic romance.