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The Reaper - D.C. Smyth Samantha Cain is a seventeen year old girl who is currently finishing up her stint at a level eight state facility. She has four months left and everything is going smoothly. That is until Victoria Cruz shows up. See Sam can sense the evil in people, and if the level of evil is high enough then she feel compelled to stop it. Kind of like a superhero, only her powers have control of her, and not the other way around. Well, anyway, Sam feels compelled to stop Victoria's evil, yes sir-e, she feel compelled to stop it by throwing a pencil right through Victoria's eye ball. Oh, and Sam is freakishly good at fighting. Needless to say, Sam's life is no longer on the get out of "jail" track. After seeing a judge she is sentenced to stay in a level 10 home. The worst. No need to worry, Sam is kidnapped by a young man named G junior. When G takes her to his home her world is turned upside down and she discovers that she isn't a superhero at all, just a Reaper.

I read this book twice this week. Let that sink in. Most of us who know how reviewing books goes knows that reading a book twice is not something a lot of us have time for.
I just want to break down what I found so awesome about this book.
Samantha Cain: she's sassy, strong, vulnerable and an all around fun character.
The story is different. It really is. Books about Reapers seem to be a dime a dozen now days. What makes this one different. Well the Reapers don't hang with Angels, or even the good guys. Nope, same kicks it with Demons, Sins, Deadly Sins and oh, a really hot guy named Lucifer Junior. And the writer even manages to make the reader feel compassion for these people.
The writing and editing are amazing. Seriously, I know some of you are big on good editing and this one definitely comes up to snuff.
The ending was a horrible cliff hanger, like horrible the worst I have ever read, but I loved it. I want the second book now.
What I wasn't as sold on. The characters names, especially G junior. Lucifer Junior I could live with because everyone called him LJ. Did the not normal names distract from the story? Yes and no. The first time I read G's name I kind of flinched, but once I got more into the story it didn't faze me at all. I think the name kind of fits him. :D
Overall an excellent read that needs to be added and bumped on reading lists all around.
**I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of it. This review is honest and 100% my own.
****Rating of the book should be mentioned. This book is a NA/Adult. Or in movie terms NC-17.