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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire *EXPANDED REVIEW*

I was a little skeptical about this book. The relationship in this book is so messed up that it was amazing and amazingly bad (let's not forget it's fictional here folks). I literally could not put it down. I usually take breaks when reading or at least take my time with my books. I loved this book. I will be rereading it over and over again. Travis and Abby have a very love/ hate relationship that mirrors many real life relationships. Are they healthy? No. But in the end we all know someone or ourselves have been in such a situation at one time or another. Do these realtionships always have such a fairytale outcome. Again No. More likely never. In real life Travis would get punched in the face by more people that I can count. Myself included. I cannot stand him. This is how many girls react to guys like Travis in real life. They just don't get the happy ending. Ever.
The writing is good and it definately sucked me right in. The characters are compelling and really I get so sick of the girl always picking Mr. Fucking Perfect. But this is like way out of the field Mr. Wrong. My actual uncertantiy about this book didn't come on until much later. Actually reading Fifty Shades of Grey made me really re evaluate my feelings on this book. The 5 stars stays because I enjoyed the hell out of this book. However, I cannot and refuse to view Travis as anything other than a violent douchebag. If this were real life, Travis and Abby would need serious therapy. (shout out to Stacia for pointing this out in her amazing review). Loving someone like this is not easy. It's actually tough. Unless they are willing to meet the other person half way then the relationship is doomed.