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Ever Winter (A Dark Faerie Tale, #3) - Alexia Purdy Dylan is back booyashacka mutha f*cka! So totally inappropriate for a review, but it's my review so I'm gonna be like that and shiz. Anyway. LOL. This book begins with Shade recovering from her imprisonment, by Aveta, on a beach in Fairie. Her magic has been bound by Corb and she feels lost and isolated. Her feelings for Soap, while still there are not as intense as they are for Dylan (Me so happy. I like Soap, but I love Dylan....kinda like Shade.) In order to get her magic unbound Shade must go to Corb and get him to undo his magic on her. And so begins our quest....
And what a quest it was. ACTION packed. Shade never gets a moments peace poor girl. There are twists and turns in this book that I did not see coming. These books keep getting better and better and better. I love them.
How many are there going to be Alexia? Cuz I want, need, no DEMAND more!
Alexia's strong point as a writer, is her writing. She doesn't need typical tricks to lure readers in. She weaves a magical, hypnotic spell with her words and then blows us away with her epic skills. She really, really shines when writing action filled scenes and this book is not short on them.
Shade just keeps growing, and getting stronger with each book. Magically and mentally. She is really turning into a great character. The romantic tension in these books is really great, and we don't even toe the line of NA. This is clearly in the YA lines. Nothing sexual done, or even implied other than some steamy kissing scenes. Boy are they steamy too. ;-)
Overall, in my opinion, the best of the series yet. I am in love with it, and want to re-read it some day soon. Also, will be buying the autographed copy for my collection.
**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review. This review is 100% honest and 100% written by me. There are no quotes in this review because parts of it a subject to change.
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