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Pretty When They Collide (Pretty When She Dies, #0.5) - Rhiannon Frater In Pretty When They Collide we get to see how Aimee, the full blooded witch and Cass, Cian's dhamphir daughter meet.Their introduction to each other is less than idea to say the least. We were introduced to these two briefly in Pretty When She Kills. However, I think if you haven't read either one of those books you should still be able to follow along in this novella fairly easily.
This novella is by far my favorite from author Rhiannon Frater's PWSD's world. I love Cass. As in she is my book girlfriend love her. She is everything I want in a book heroine. She's tough, smart, and has a soft side that she doesn't show often. Aimee is amazing as well. She is tied to a douchebag vampire named Frank. Yup he goes by the name Frank. The scenes between Aimee and Frank are spine chilling. They are so dark. I was literally shaking and my fingers where freezing they were that intense. Rhiannon really writes great horror. If I don't feel like I am going to be sick to my stomach because gore, or human actions then it's just not good horror to me. This book has a bit of both.
The action is heart stopping. It's intense. At some points I felt like I was watching a spy movie from the way Cass was able to move around and manipulate fights. She's just great.
Aimee and Cass have instant chemistry, but not in the insta-love way. They just sort of click, but it's not some silly predestined thing.
Overall another awesome work from Rhiannon. I really hope that she can write more about these two again. I loved learning about them.