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Garden Gnome Gangbang - Fannie Tucker I have a friend who hates garden gnomes. She advocates for their genocide. I'm not sure if this story will influence her to change her mind or not. There is something very creepy about those funny little guys crawling up on you and preforming a gangbang....even if their spunk tastes like candy. These little fellas are full of salt and vinegar and love to share it with the lovely lady who owns them. They are a recent purchase and I'm not sure if they are new or secondhand.... I'm just wondering why someone who part with these pleasure giving little guys? Did they grow weary of always getting banged every time they go outside to garden or relax? Where they too randy? Humping the leg of every Tom, Jane or Joe that happened into the garden? So much more left to tell of this story. What does she do during the winter. Leaves these fellas outside suffering from blue balls, literally and figuratively? Are these questions ridiculous? Should I stop now?
Overall a heartwarming story of a woman and her three gnomes. Definitely something that should be read on a cold January day in front of a warm fire and loaded on vodka.