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The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater,  Kody Boye I am an avid reader of all things YA. From Contemp Romance, to Paranormal. Don't get me wrong I read adult things too.
What is the saying? Something like there are actually only 3 or 7 original stories and the rest are just expansions and riffs off of those.
Sometimes after reading YA after YA after YA I feel like I am reading the same story over and over again. Change names, dates, boob size plug into love triangle/semi abusive relationship (sometimes with a shifter, vamp or even zombie) and go.
Any Frater fan knows that you are going to get beyond the ordinary. The woman literally weaves my nightmares sometimes. Ohh Dreammm Weaverrrr....
And Kody Boye. He is much, much younger than I, and he could write circles around most authors. I may have to commission him to write my obit someday. If you ever get the chance check out his fantasy stuff. It's breathtaking. I cannot express how much I admire his writing.
Both of these authors get the human condition. When you read any of their work you get REAL people. With real emotions, reactions and yes, real bodies.
That is what we have here. It's not a book about an average (aka hot and popular) girl and her best friend (who is secretly in love with her).
NO. Not this book. Chisty really is an average girl. She has 15 extra pounds, her clothes don't match and she is socially awkward oh, and snarky.
Adam, he's gay. He has bright, bright red hair. His mom is over protective, and he is bullied. So is Christy. These two are kids that I could walk into my old high school and find. Easily. Well maybe not. That's the twist. These are real kids, with real problems. But Ms. Frater, and Mr. Boye being the sadists they are had to drop supernatural problems onto them too.
The duo handle their everyday problems with real world tools that any bullied child knows how to use. Travel in packs, never confront, keep your head down. Get to school at the last minute possible, leave as soon as possible. And have a huge, humongous sense of humor. They rely on each other, they cheer each other, and they love each other.
The other cast of characters are just as real. Ian the jock that Christy crushes on...he's an. idiot. Not in the sense that he is like really stooopid. He just lacks a filter. Some of the things he says...*facepalm*.
Olivia, the new girl. She is soo funny. Almost as funny Christy.
Drifter, he's that kid that can hang with anyone. You know the one I'm talking about.
The parental units in this book. Ah-mazing. Adams mom. Well, she's a hoot.
There are some unexpected scene stealing "characters" in this book. Tell me Ms. Frater, is the character "broom" based off your real broom? LMFAO.
If you love YA with romance, quirky characters, a good scare or two, and lots and lots and lots of laughs. Then you HAVE to pick this one up!