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Angelfire (Dark Angel, #1) - Hanna Peach PJV Quickie: An interesting take on the war between Angels vs. Demons, Angelfire is an all around entertaining book with plenty of mystery and romance to keep the reader coming back but the ending feels incomplete.

Alyx leads a tough life as a light warrior. Even within this low class system of Angels she is an outsider. Abandoned by her rogue parents she feels she must always work harder than every one else to prove her worth. Her whole life changes when she starts recieving visions. She soon learns her destiny is bigger than even she can imagine and that her whole life has been covered in shadows.
I loved this take on Angels. I didn’t really feel like I was reading about angels. They were more kick-a$$ warriors that had cool powers and fought demons. Alyx is strong, stubborn and tough. Very little gets her down and nothing keeps her down. No matter what she stays true to what she believes in. I admire that about her character. She may be small but she works hard to be sure that this is never a disadvantage to her.
I, at times, found this new angel mythos a bit confusing. I am not a religious person so most of my point of reference comes from the TV show from Supernatural. About half way through the book everything started clicking together and I genuinely started enjoying the story. The little lesson chapters on bloodink (angel ink that has been distilled and is used in tattoos to give magical powers) and the angel magic had also stopped so maybe I was just over-thinking a bit.
Okay, Okay so angelic warriors using tattoos for extra power is not exactly something that is new. I think Cassandra Clare fans will immediately see similarities in those things. However, for the most part this book stands on it’s own. That is where the similarities between the two works start and finish.
I’m action girl. If the author can write gripping -fast paced action scenes then I will always be a satisfied reader. Reading about Alyx flipping through the air and using her swords was beyond awesome.
The book overall was evenly paced and was easy to keep coming back to. Every time I set down my kindle I came back wanting more. No typos that I can recall, the writing was clean and well edited.
My biggest complaint was the ending. I finally felt like I was getting a good grip on the characters and what was happening and the book ended. I was like “uhh…that’s the ending”. It’s like when you are watching your favorite show and the final scene is incomplete or just fades out with giving you that final piece of information you have been waiting six episodes to see.
Overall I recommend this book for readers that are looking for a good angel tale, who like lots of action and a kick-a$$ heroine and love books that come in series. I also recommend it for people who do not hate cliff-hangers, because this one is a doozy.