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Clarity and Reason (Blood and Light Vampire, #4) - Rue Volley I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review.
I have devoured most of this series this week. So excuse me if the books seem to blend into one another. Things seem to finally come to a head for Rue and the gang. They are finally getting some of their mess resolved. Finally getting some loose ends tied up and OH MY FREAKING GOD there is a threesome. It was pretty hot. I won't tell you who participates but wow. Wow. Rue Volley is great at making those steamy parts steamy without the throbbing members and the willy willies, or the flowering sweet scented folds of nerves. Or whatever the kids are calling them these days. I love Jonah, and I love Lily. They are probably the most dynamic of the b-list characters. My heart belongs to Josh.
The world is just as compelling as before. The writing was obviously good. I keep coming back for more don't I? It's not just Josh and his sick fucking mouth that make me come back. It's the whole she-bang. I really, really don't want the series to be over. And to be honest since they are all blending into my brain as one giant book since I marathoned them I will take a break before finishing up in the next week or so. Plus I have other review obligations. :)
My one negative is the constant going back and forth from an alternate place and then to reality. It can get confusing and sometimes I just want Rue to stay put.
Oh and what the eff happened to Sara? So confused.
This is the last book that I will mention that the editing was great in. The first book needed more done to it but the following books have been smooth sailing.
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