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Blood and Light (The Blood and Light Vampire Series, #1) - Rue Volley Where to start? I loved the story. Or maybe it was just Josh, but mostly it was the story, and Rue (the character).
The story starts with Rue acting like a normal book worm anti-social teenager. (Hello, Lori Parker 11 12yrs ago). <--- Don't do the math. I beg you, do not do the math!!!<br/>Of course, she can like"flick" static electricty off of herself. Oh and her parents are never around, for various reasons, and her brother is a shitty cook. Ok, so her mom is in the mental hospital. That's a pretty legit reason for not being around. Her dad is working in the first few pages? I don't know. He's not home. Then he kinda gets sucked into...well I am getting ahead of myself. You don't need or want me to retell the story, do you?
Do you see where I am going here? This book was full of so many laugh out loud moments, filled to the brim with sarcasm and wit, and dark humor. I can't keep the sarcasm out of my review. It was like feeding into my sarcastic, dark humored soul. It was tasty.

The characters were all great and had their own, very 3D personalities. I was very much in love with a lot of them. But just Josh. Mainly.
The author built a funky and trippy new vampire world. It got confusing in parts but by the end I think I understood "the rules" for these vamps.
Some people don't like love triangles. I don't mind them. But I ALWAYS pick the guy the heroine doesn't choose. I hope for once I get it right. (TEAM JOSH not Johnathan).
I just can't express how amazing this book was!!!
However, in light of this being an honest review I will point out the things that tended to pull me out of the story. There were some major editing issues with the copy I had. Typos and awkward sentences abound. Sometimes the POV or tense would shift without warning. It got confusing at times. Obviously, the story was amazing enough for me to overlook these things (and I NEVER take off stars for editing issues).
The book was long. Like really long. Like this could be two books long. There is a certain point, right around the halfway mark that would have made a perfect ending to book 1.
Johnathan. I don't know why, but I cannot stand him. I'm sure he's great in an "evil, rapey" way but he does nothing for me. I spent a good portion of the book wishing he would just go away already. LOL. No this really isn't a sign of a bad book. It's the sign of an amazing story that was good enough to evoke this strong of a reaction from me!!!
Will I be reading book 2 and reviewing it here for all of you. Hell yes!
*Note this book is not a YA book. It falls into the New Adult category. There is strong language and lots of sexual situations.

Speaking of typos, can we count all the ones I made in this post. *facepalm* now you see why I don't take off anything for typos.