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Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend - Louise Rozett I have to admit, I still have not read Confessions of an Angry Girl, the first book in this series. And that was ok, because I followed this book just fine.
Rose is still angry. She's angry about her fathers death, she's angry about her mother wanting her to take down her memorial site, she's angry that her brother is so distant, and she's angry that Jamie Forta hasn't called her in months.

I love angry angsty teenage books. But I don't love teenagers. They annoy me. So it's always surprising when I find a really angsty teenager like Rose, and like her. Maybe it's because she reminds me a lot of myself. Especially when I was a teenager. I was an angry teen. I just hid it better than Rose. I had an outlet. I read, and I listened to Metallica. Lots and lots of Metallica. I'm still angry, I still read, and I still listen to lots and lots of Metallica. So some things never change.

The characters of this book feel real. I loved that. Even though I identified with Rose, I still wanted to slap her give her *evil eyes*. She got on my nerves, she made horrible decisions (some good ones too) and she was a bit of a whiner. In short, Rose needed some Metallica. Or some other healthy way to vent. Yet, I still enjoyed being in her head. Massive kudos to Louise Rozett for pulling that off.

Jamie Forta, you know I can't write a review about a book without talking about book boys. Jamie is a great leading man, and if I were a mite younger I would be all swoon-y over him. Why? Because he's a good guy. He has the tendency to be a bit mysterious and play some games, and for a good portion of the book I was suspicious about his motivations, but it seems his heart is in a good place. As is Rose.

Even though the world was already established in another book, I picked it up right away. It felt familiar, and I hated it. Like I hated real high school, but I was also relieved that it wasn't real. Phew, I am not back there. I constantly have nightmares that you have to go back to high school after you graduate from college. I think it might stem from my YA obsession. Either way it's horrifying, and I seem to be the only one to realize that I don't have to go to HS anymore. Anyway, this book conjured up that lovely dream again last night. :/

Overall, the book was a fast read, full of ups and downs. My head was spinning with Rose's, I felt her anger, her sadness, and her triumph when she figures it all out! I genuinely enjoy Rose, and look forward to spending more time in her head.