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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare I'm back. I finished it. I was tempted to give it three stars until that BS epilogue. For the love of everything. It was painfully sweet.
Cassie Clare and I were once really good friends, well, I read her books and enjoyed them. Then my reading world opened up, I have access to hundreds more books and writers. Literally, all, ALL, of the books are the same. And the end, I saw that crap coming from a mile away.
I have a very lovehate relationship with HEAs. Mostly, I loathe them, but sometimes I crave them. Like in ANGELFALL! I want the rest of the series to have an HEA.
Clare just brings out the hater in me. Yes, I admit it. I am openly a hater. Seriously, not one, but two HEA! Really? I know, I know. Poor Tessa, Poor Jem, Poor Will. I call shenanigans. She never showed how these characters suffered. If you are going to give them a good life then make them work for it! AHHHH. If they had suffered in a real, tangible way that I could grasp, I might have been cheering for them, but I had no emotional attachment to the characters. Reading this book was like watching a car wreck in a movie. It looks bad, but I knew it was fake.
The writing style is thick, and I found myself bored quiet often. I had to skim parts that contained info that I already knew. I also skimmed the parts full of info that I didn't care about. Which was half the book.
Overall, I made it through the book. I still love WILL, even if Clare chopped his balls off, and it was mildly entertaining.
The writing was good. A few mistakes here and there which is acceptable. It just wasn't for me.