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Stitch - Samantha Durante 4.5 Stars
Stitch follows the story of Alessa a seemingly normal girl, who sees ghosts. Alessa’s life has recently been turned upside down with the recent death of her parents. She is understandably in a funk. Going off to college for a fresh start she joins a sorority and becomes friends with another freshman, Janie. Her life is that of a typical college student. Study, hangout, eating gross cafeteria food. Yet, it’s not typical. Her college is extremely paranoid, with cameras everywhere. She has horrible nightmares, the transport her to a barren prison where her feelings of hopelessness cross over and increase. And then there is the ghost. His presence is freaky….but also brings out other emotions in Alessa, sadness, terror, and….longing. She quickly becomes obsessed with finding out everything about the ghost and making contact with him. She learns his name is Isaac and that he dies tragically. She’ll stop at nothing to save him from his tragic fate, even if that means messing things up in her world.

Stitch is a solid book. It’s actually quite incredible. It manages to span multiple genres and cross over into them with flawless ease. It’s like reading four books at once, only there is no confusion. I was impressed how Samantha was able to weave these little hints throughout the plot without ever giving the big reveal away. I was genuinely surprised by the way things turned out.

The writing in the novel was flawless. I don’t think I found a single error in the text. Which is really impressive. Not only was it technically perfect but Samantha has a writing style that grips the reader and won’t let go. It’s very straight forward with no fancy schmancy words to distract the reader, but even though it’s not poetic doesn’t mean that it’s not strong and engaging. Also, thank you, for not losing me with a bunch of science terms (made up or real that stuff still curdles my brain cells)! It’s definitely a sci-fi book that a laymen can read and enjoy.

I really like Alessa, even though she just lost her parents she’s not overly mopey. She’s sort of just right depressed. Not that there is anything wrong with being depressed, but fighting my own battles with the disease doesn’t mean that I want to read a book where the MC spends the entire 200+ pages in a snuggie eating a pint of Cherry Garcia. She’s active, she finds hope in trying to connect with and ultimately save the ghost boy, Isaac. He gives her a reason to live. Maybe a bit of an unhealthy relationship, but I think I have read worse in YA.

The big elephant in the room is how in the heck does this book cover the dystopia genre that the blurb promises. Well, that’s kind of the big reveal. Just trust me when it comes the book morphs from being a solid read to an excellent one. I only wish that it had come sooner in the book. At fifty percent I was dying to see how we get there. By eighty percent I was so in love with what was going on that I wanted to read, and read and read. By one hundred percent I had officially entered a good book hangover.

Overall this book is a great and entertaining read. I cannot wait for the next installment. I HAVE to know what happens next.
I recommend this book to people who enjoy a good sci-fi book, a good YA, and a good dystopia. It is all three of those! Fans of Denise Grover Swank’s Here will really like this book!
This review first appeared on Parajunkee 3/08/13. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.