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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Le sigh. Dear friends, let's recap this book first ok? Cam's high school sweetheart dies as a result of a drunk driver, her next boyfriend cheats on her. Her brother kills some one in his own drunk driving crash and goes to jail. Cam is pissed at him for this. Her parents get divorced. Her best friend Nat is has a slutty mouth and a boyfriend who likes to snort that nose candy, and is also secretly in love with Cam. Nat and Cam get in a fight over the nose candy tool. Cam can't take her life anymore and gets a bus to Idaho because the woman who sold her ticket was eating a baked potato. Cam meets Andrew Parrish. She hate/loves him and he loves/protects her. Andrew's dad is dying of a brain tumor and Andrew is taking the bus to say goodbye. They make it to the great state of Wyoming. Then they decide to take a road trip together. The rest as they say is history.

So why is this book making me sigh. Because it gave me brain aches. I liked it, even loved parts of it. But the end seriously pissed me off. First part of the book=huge, the middle part=good sized, the end=like 20 pages. WTF?

You know the saying that you can't please everyone. Well that is true. I am sure that there are tons of people head over heels in love with this book as a whole. Then there is the asshole's like me that let a little thing like a short ending write a negative toned review. Right? I totally embrace being the asshole here. I'm cool with it.

I was in love with the book until they got to Texas. Then....I was like ok I'm ok with this. Then the epilogue. I was like OH HELL NAW. She's gonna go out like that. I feel like I got played for a fool. I was totally prepared for the tear jerking ending.

Andrew Parrish is the kind of bad boy, sex walking that I love so. He gets major points for making this book one hell of a ride. Why do men like this not exist in real life?

"I won't have a one-night stand with you, but I will make you come, if you let me."
Where do I sign up?

I recommend this for readers over 17. People who love a good twist, and people who love a good coming of age story.