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Inhale - Kendall Grey How have I not written this review yet!?!?! Ugh things have gotten messy in my goodreads.

Gavin and Zoe meet each other get to know one another in the land of Dreaming. There they form a bond, have hot sex and fight fire with water.

This is book is amazingly creative. I don't think I have ever read anything like it before.
I struggled with the first 15% of the book because of all the world building that HAD to take place in order for me to understand the story. Did I know what was going on and that it was a good thing? Yes. Doesn't mean I have to be thrilled about it. It's kinda like having to go to school just to see the hot guy in your biology class. Yeah he's smokin hot, but if he never notices you is the torture of learning really worth it? In this case yes. Because Gavin is beyond Smokin.
But seriously, don't just stare at the scenery you might get lost.
Once you've gotten a good chunk of the learning out of the way, the sex starts. And oh my....it's pretty hot.
The flow for the remainder of the book is carry me away good. I loved it. There is action and down time and romance, and misunderstandings. It's SO good. I can't believe I waited this long to pick up this book.
The editing is flawless.
The story is unique.
The guys are smoking hot (and one is a rock star).
And there are plenty of bad people to hate on!
Seriously, what are you waiting for go read this book. Now. Please!