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The Farm - Emily McKay Lily and Mel are twin sisters. They live on a "Farm". The farm is really a college campus that has been converted into an interrement camp for teenagers. They live secluded from everyone else. Choosing to stay in a storage closet in the science building rather than the dorms. Lily takes care of Mel because of her autism. Everything goes smoothly they stay out of the Dean's notice and even have a plan to get out. Well, until Carter comes along and messes everything up.

This book was really, really good. It was dark and full of subtle horror. Living on the Farm was just as dangerous as living outside the Farm and facing the Ticks.

The writing and pacing were perfect. I never lost interest and the author weaves just enough suspense throughout to keep me on the edge of my seat. The MC's Lily, Mel, and Carter face one danger after another. There are twists and turns and betrayls throughout. The ticks are the not the star of the show. We don't even come face to face with one until well into the book.

I like Lily as the lead she was strong, steadfast, loyal and stubborn. She isn't afraid to do what she has to do to survive. Carter is the same. Although his loyalty is constantly in question. Mel steals the show. Her chapters while short are the best of the whole book. She sees things that no one else sees and manages to weave a very subtle humor throughout. Her autism only hinders her in that she struggles to convey her message to the others around her.

The POV's in this book do switch. Both Lily and Mel's POV's are in the first person and Carter's are in the third person. I found that strange. But at the same time it kept the reader from really knowing what was going on in Carter's head, which added to the suspense. I spent my time wondering if he was telling the whole truth or just what he thought he needed to share.

The world building is to-die for. It's so creepy. The Farm is a truly terrifying place to find yourself. I don't think anyone there feels truly safe. There seems to be more danger lurking on the inside from the higher ups than from the Ticks. The Ticks seem like vampire/zombie hybrid aka a zompire. They have slightly more vampire characterstics though. How they came into existence is a little vague and I would love to learn more about it and the other supernatural elements going on in this book.

I should warn you that this isn't an in your face action novel. Yes, there is action galore but these characters take the smart road and avoid confrontation with all the baddies if they can. The ending action scene was killer though. So good.