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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Yummm Simon Wallbanger. I want one for Christmas. Ok. His real last name is Parker...but that's like weird. Just kidding. I'm not 12. I just like the nickname. Pink Nightie Girl and Wallbanger are neighbors. Caroline (aka nightie girl) moves into her new apartment. On the first night there she is treated to wall banging. From you guessed it Wallbanger. The wall banging is rough, and she soon hears every little detail. Including the spanking. She's frustrated. Not only because it's 3 fucking o'clock in the morning but because she lost her O-oh-orgasm. Yep. 6 months and no O. The next night follows and Wallbanger introduces Purina. An exotic woman who meows during intercourse. Yes, she meows. It's just as hilarious as it sounds. It pisses Caroline off and drives her cat, Clive, crazy. In what is one of the funniest scenes I have ever read we encounter Purina's meowing echoed by Clive's cat calls. He's fixed but that doesn't mean he doesn't want some of what Purina has. Next night, different sound. Thumping and giggling. What, who giggles during sex? Well, actually, I am sure a lot of people do. Anyway. Soon Caroline gets so sick of the wall banging that she confronts Wallbanger in her pink nightie. Let's just say she's not impressed with him as person, but she is more than impressed with his packaging. Their love/hate relationship escalates into a friendship that is funny, and sexy. Oh my god can Simon flirt. I was alternating laughing really really really hard and fanning myself. Seriously, I want a Simon Wallbanger. NOW.
While this book follows the typical contemp romance formula. Girl is judge-y and hate guy. Guy is kinda a dick/wanker. They flirt. They both have hang-ups. No O for Caroline, and no real relationships for Simon. They manage to figure out that they want each other all to themselves.
What makes this book different is the humor. It is seriously the star of the show. Forget the banter you have read in other books. The banter in this one is genius. And Clive the cat. He is a scene stealer. I liked him way better than Caroline and Simon's friends. Who btw are hooking up too. It's a messed up foursome of friends. Mimi, Sophia, Ryan and Neil. I couldn't keep who liked who straight during their scenes. I actually didn't really care. All I cared about was reading about Simon.
Caroline was a great lead. She's funny, smart and independent.
This book is a must read for all contemp romance fans.
While not erotica this book is way too mature for younger readers.