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The Raft - S.A. Bodeen Ok this book starts out with a lot of promise. Robie is kind of dumb. Well like maybe a lot dumb. Ok. But she is tolerable. Or maybe that was because I knew she was going to crash and be stranded at sea for a while. (Never claimed to be a nice person/hey, she's fictional). But the premise of the book was very promising. It just never delivered. Yeah the twist was kind of shocking, but mostly it was huh? Ok. Robie disregards almost all of the life saving info she has been given and kind of just decides to become a vegetarian...but doesn't seem to search for plant life to eat. I just can't figure it out.
The writing was good. I think that was pretty much the only thing that kept me going. The descriptions of being stranded at sea were awesome, and I love sharks....although thanks to a certain horror author I am a little scared of them. (Yes, Rhiannon, I am talking about you). Max....what the hell was the point of his character? She could have literally...well nevermind that's a spoiler. Dude if your nose ring hurts take the freakin' thing out. Come on!
hoookkaaay...at this point I am just ranting. Anyway. Worth a read if you have an afternoon to kill, but don't expect anything epic or awesome from this one.
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