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The Charmed Souls - Christine Wenrick I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review first appeared on Parajunkee's View.
In this sequel to The Charmed, Olivia finds her self living with her guardians and neck deep in the Brethren’s world. She works with Alec and the others to train and strengthen not only her body but her gifts.
I really enjoyed this book. Like really enjoyed it! I loved seeing more of Alec and her guardians. They are all full of swagger and sarcasm. Olivia very much “finds herself ” during her time with the Brethren. She learns her limits, and some very hard facts about herself and her parents. She matures and learns that saying ‘everything is ok’ doesn’t mean that it is indeed, ok.
The pacing was great and there was enough going on at the Oracle (the Brethren’s homebase) to keep me engaged. There was definitly something strange going on there. I couldn’t figure out why, Alec’s uncle, Reese was such a butthead to Olivia. I loved meeting all of the new characters that the author introduces in this book.
Olivia and Caleb spend at least the first half of the book separated. It is hard on Olivia and also, it was hard for me, as a reader. I felt a definite lack of spark from Olivia and this separation was the cause of it. Once she and Caleb start interacting again the book takes off. Caleb is still that sexy, growly, heart throb we know and love. But my heart belongs to Alec. The writer introduces a plot element that had me fearing for his life at one point. I just kept thinking…”there is no way this is going to play out with out him dying. No way.” Some very heart stopping moments for me during this book.
The steam was literally rolling off of my kindle once Olivia and Caleb reunite. It was hot. Really, really hot. Umm was that a spoiler? Ahh I am having so much trouble writing this review. I want to tell you everything. Everything. It’s so hard to keep my mouth shut.
Jax and Gemma. Jax and Gemma, what to say about them without giving too much away? Well, let’s see Jax is still the gentle giant that we grew to love. He has some really great tender moments. Gemma, wasn’t in this book as much as I wanted her to be. She was kind of sorting her self out. It really was a book about character growth.
Once again the author builds a beautiful landscape for her characters to play in. The Oracle grounds sound breathtaking and I could easily visualize them.
The final action scene was Ah-maz-ing. It was an epic battle. The first book was so action packed that I was missing those scenes when reading this book. While we do get some action while Olivia is training it was no where near as intense as the first book. Until we get to the big show down. Then it was hold on to your seats!!!
Davin aka the big bad was a lurking threat in this book. I know that the author is holding out the goods on us. Olivia needed this lesser but still intense throwdown to happen to show her that she is ready.
Is this book a little bit of a set up for the next one? Yes, but that was ok. Because EVERYTHING in this book needed to happen as it did. I can see the bigger picture coming together and it is going to be out of this world!