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Taking on the Dead - Annie Walls The plot is solid. It's amazing. It twists and turns. It kept my pants on fire for the two days it took me to read it. :( Why so long? Well because I had to pick it apart as I was reading it. Also I had to work at my part time job. Boo. Mama needs the cash though. Ok enough rubbing it in that I got to read it already and you didn't. NA NA. LOL.
This book was unique. Trust me Annie it was! I still haven't figured out what the hell is going on. I like it though. I like it a lot.
When I read the preview a while ago. I was like...righteous! This is balls to the walls amazing. I was so off course with my assumptions of what the rest of the book would be. I thought that she would meet a group of people and continue to flee the famished. Maybe fall in love. Kill a shit ton of zombies. Find some semblence of a sane life and then have it ripped out from under her. Making the next two books necessary. SOME of these things happen. Not in the way I thought though. Not at all. There is something seriously fishy going on here. I can't quite put my finger on it though. I feel like I get close to figuring something out and Annie throws something new at me.
The romance. Oh gawd the romance. It's hot. This book is not meant for the the typical YA set. This is very much an adult book. The men (I'm a woman and straight, of course I am going to focus on the men) are freaking hot! OMG. Drool. There is more than one too. They reek of alpha male with a soft side too. Oh be still my beating heart. The romance is on par to something in AtWD. Sure Rhiannon never focus's on it as intensely as Annie does but these are two different stories. I just wanted to give you another example of love in the time of a ZA. It develops only because they are in a semi safe place at the time. People do not stop being sexual, or being attracted to others just because zombies around. I think most people would use it as stress relief. Also, Kan has been alone for 4 years. Let's not begrudge the girl some fun. Some just reek though. Haha.
Fella's, Kan is pretty smoking too. She's got brains, brawn and a sense of humor to boot. There are sexual situations in this book, and there is drug use. Oh and I forgot. GORE GALORE. Is it the grossest zombie book I have read....hmm? Well, there are parts that literally turned my stomach. Which was awesome. It wasn't just shock value either. These are genuine actions that these characters partake in. They are true to character.
The B-List characters are a freaking hoot. I mean it. There are some unsavory characters that Kan meets. Each is more disgusting than the next. Kan also meets some awesome new friends. Don't let this make you think she's compliant though. She isn't. She keeps her wits about her at all times. Well most of the time.
Nothing is too easy for her. She has skills that definately help her survive but it's not all just given to her. Annie makes her work for them. Awesome. I hate it when the heroine is able to pick up a gun and suddenly be Jean Claude Van Dam.
There are some gut wrenching parts too. Like my heart is in my throat parts. Annie treated these parts right. Kan has a vulnerability that is genuine.
Ugh have I said any spoilers. I sure hope not. Anyway...about that rating. Well it's random. I HATE giving a number rating to a book. To me if it entertains me and is fun it's worth a million stars.