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Shadows - Ilsa J. Bick BEFORE READING THIS BOOK PLEASE REREAD ASHES OR GO TO http://www.ilsajbick.com/?page_id=1967 for a refresher.
ASHES was a hot topic book. You either love or hate it. SHADOWS is going the same way...I think there may be a larger group of 'meh' sayers though. Not me. Not at all. I loved every single gory, bloody, dramatic, pov changing minute of this ride. I've been reading smutty smut for my other blog like not stop. I wanted...no craved gore. And horror. And a YA love triangle. Well I got two out of the three with SHADOWS...and you know what Meatloaf says: TWO out of THREE Ain't Bad.
What of the three was missing? Well it wasn't actually missing. But it wasn't resolved either. Well maybe it was who knows. Ilsa leaves us hanging there at the end again. But I am jumping waaay ahead of myself. And I just typed a big long paragraph about what was missing (kind of) and realized....umm MAJOR spoiler. Sorry I just won't tell you.
Kami lost interest in ASHES when Ellie was taken. A lot of people loved the first half of the book where wilderness reigned supreme. They felt like the Alex in Rule was a sell out. A weaker person. Really, she was strong and adapting. She was showing a different set of survival skills.
SHADOWS stars with a new narrator. But you'll like him. He holds a golden piece of info that I think a lot of ladies will love. And a lot of bounty hunters too. You know, that, Talk On Monday....T. O. M. Lame. I know but I like myself too much to not do stupid stuff like that. And really I couldn't keep it a secret anymore.
What about Alex, what about Ellie and more importantly what about CHRIS? Oh, they are all there. Alex and Chris both get featured a lot in the POV changes (that everyone hated...seriously, peeps read the refresher link I posted above it will help and really the POV changes have nothing on George RR Martin). Ellie, well, I believe she makes a very important appearance in the book. (or at least I hope she does) You just have to be paying attention.
Ilsa can never be accused of skimping on the action or gore. There are so many VOL (Vomit Out Loud) moments in this book. From "the changed" or as they are now called "the chuckies" peeling skin off and chewing on it, human cattle, zombie sex, and gross infected wounds. Alex's spidey sense picks up on some nasty stuff too. Oh, and the changed. Well, they are smart. You know how I said I can't get down with a Zombie love interest? Well......there are some very, very confusing moments in this book for Alex (and the reader). The writing was Aces and Eights. I feel very much more connected with not only Alex, but many others. I know more about the changed.
I know, gush fest right? What this book did was leave me wanting more. For every answer Ilsa gives us she asks us three more. Frustrating? Yes! A good way to bring me back for book three? Absolutely. If you enjoy different Zombies that are still gruesome and gross, if you enjoy thinking. If you enjoy viscera and gore and vivid writing. Then you should check out this series. If you are a mamby pamby and can't handle all this awesomeness go spew it on goodreads and leave me in my post EPIC BOOK HIGH!
This is the Zombie Slut signing off...