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Pretty When She Kills - Rhiannon Frater Rhiannon Frater fans (like me) will not be dissapointed with this new book. Everything gets better. Amaliya is still that smart mouthed vamp that we love. Cian...oh man! Samantha--my new hero/fucking hilarious! Jeff is such a sweety. I'm not as attached to Jeff as I am to the other three but he is growing on me. I don't really want to talk about the plot. I will give too much away. This book is sexy, scary, and heart breaking. I was bawling at one point. Come on dudes. It's Rhiannon. She's ruthless...well her characters are. If you thought the Summoner was scary in the first book...well just wait. I was absolutely terrified of the newest villian in this book. Rhiannon has a knack for dark and twisted tales of horror. That is what this book is. It is a stellar additon to the PWSD's trilogy. I cannot wait to see what happens next!!!