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The Living Dead Boy - Rhiannon Frater Did you really think I would give this book anything under 5 stars? But honestly, it is not because that I LOVE Rhainnon Frater. I mean I do love her. She's great. But I wouldn't gush about her if she didn't have the writing chops to back it up.
I should warn everyone that while this is still a horror book it is intended for younger readers. I'm not even talking YA. Let's put it this way...I bought this book in paperback for my 8 year old nephew (he loves zombies. I encourage this, of course). I read it before giving it to him because I wanted to be sure that it wasn't to overly sexual. Which was silly because Rhiannon Frater can write horror with and without sex. There was one mention of breasts that will make my nephew uncomfortable for about 3 seconds. Whoopie Doo. Overall this is a great book to get for a young zombie lover. It's real. People do die and there is blood shed. But it's not graphic and way more tame than the zombie movies that I let him watch.
As an adult I still found this book entertaining. I was still sitting on the edge of the seat cheering for the Living Dead Boy (Josh) and the Zombie Hunters(his crew). I was heartbroken when they had to make those tough life and death decisions that characters make in zombie books. I was glad everytime the outsmarted the zombies and I was upset when they were lied to, betrayed and ignored. Overall this book had the character depth and captivating storyline that her adult zombie novels without graphic violence and "sickening and twisted" love scenes. Whatever that means. LOL. It's a great book for zombie lovers of all ages.
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