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The Wrath of God - Harry Shannon, Steven W. Booth I have the worlds biggest girl crush on Sherrif Penny Miller. I am serious. She is sooo much fun to read. This review will be short and sweet. Why? Because there was nothing I didn't like about this book. Once again Booth and Shannon knocked it out of the park. This book has gore, humor, horror, intrigue, and action. Lots and lots of action. I mean it. Once again we get on the ride in the first chapter and we are still riding it when it ends. This book doesn't have a cliffhanger ending. It's just uncomplete. Penny hasn't gotten her happily ever after. If there is ever a woman that deserves it is Penny. That Cowgirl has worked damned hard for it. I hope that Mr. Booth and Shannon continue write the heck out Penny and these characters. I want to grow old with her. Sigh. I am in love.