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Here - Denise Grover Swank WOW...what a book. Thanks for the recommend Rhiannon. This book is about a girl grieving her best friends death. She has lost the will to live and goes through life like a zombie until the popular boy agrees to tutor her. She starts to love again and this feels like a happy go lucky teen love story. Then half way through...BOOM. Awesome dystopia with nefarious villians and everything. Complete awesomesauce.
Denise Grover Swank wrote a real page turner. Even before it suddenly jumped into my second favorite genre I was still digging it.
What I liked:
Julia had depth. I felt her pain over losing her friend. I felt her feeling life again. I felt her cute boy butterflies.
The first half has what I look for in my cute little teen contemp romances. The second half has what I look for in my fave dystopias. Well except zombies. She does mention them though. Both guys are great and each brings something different to the party. I really want to keep talking about this book and give an even more detailed review but I fear I will give away spoilers.
Let's just say I knew where the book was going but I was still surprised at the same time. Nothing was really resolved so we know there would be a sequel. Which I am totally pumped about.
What I didn't like:
I really hate this time of the review. Especially when I love the book. I was a little upset that Julia seems to be jumping from guy to guy and we get no idea where her heart really lies. And really these guys keep saying they are into Julia but are they? Uhh I want to know now.