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Sunrise - Kody Boye Sunrise follows the story of a young man on a journey to out run zombies and save his life. Dakota is holed up in an apartment with his best friend Steve. The men are forced from their safe haven by a gang. They travel many miles and avoid and kill zombies along the way. Dakota also finds love and a family he never had.
What I liked:
It was beautifully written.
Dakota is a very likeable MC. He's not like most zombie novel heroes. He's not a badass super hero. He's just a regular guy that knows how to shoot a gun and run for his life. He's not tough as nails nothing can break me type of guy. I LOVE that about him. He is a guy I can relate too. Although I am sure I would have peed my pants in a lot of the situations these guys got themselves into.
Steve is an amazing guy and anyone would love to have him as a bestfriend.
Kody Boye knows how to write vulnerability. He really gets the human condition. In most end of the world novels we don't see the hero cry ever. Dakota sheds lots of tears. Over big and sometimes little things.
There were moments of humor in this work. They were very subtle and not all readers might catch onto them. There are moments that will break your heart. There are moments that will make you jump up and go YEAH!!!!!
Jamie--sigh. He's a guy any girl (or gay man) can fall in love with. Oh did I forget to mention that the MC is gay? I did? That's probably because it doesn't matter at all. This is a book about finding love and hanging on to life no matter the odds. When others turn to raiding, killing, and taking--these guys are about helping everyone and just finding joy in a dead world.
What some readers might not like:
Do not going into this book expecting a horror novel. It is not. It's a survival novel. There are zombies but they are just a situation that the characters must evolve and move around. THEY are not the stars of this story. LOVE and LIFE are. I am so glad I decided to read this book. It has gotten me out of my book slump and back on track. What a fantastic novel. I cannot gush enough! Kody Boye is an author that I will keep my eyes on in the future.