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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa Allie is a street rat. Unregistered because she refuses to become a cow for the ruling vamp of her city she must fight to survive. Short on food and fresh out of places to find it she ventures into the ruins outside of the city walls. The walls are to keep the cattle in and the rabid vampires out. She discovers a huge cache of food and brings her friends back to find it. The rabids attack. It's by chance that Kanin a master vampire is there to save her. She becomes what she hates most. Cast out of her city and hunted she goes into the outside and discovers a band of travelers looking for Eden.
What I liked:
Julie Kagawa is an amazing writer. She is able to put her readers into a world and hold them there. This is not just another vampire book. As a matter of fact it is different from any other vampire book I have ever read. Other than Allie there is really only three other vampires that have any real impact on the story.
This book is really about Allie's humanity and her struggle to hold onto it.
Allie is just perfect. Alot of the time a lead female character is too strong (to the point of being an arrogant bitch) or a complete wallflower. Allie is strong and vulnerable at the same time. She feels like a real girl.
Zeke is great. He seems almost too good to be true. Allie sees all of his goodness and is drawn to it. More so than she is drawn to his blood. These two characters have ahh-mazing chemistry.
ZOMPIRES---yes I stole this from another reviewer. They are a cross between a zombie and a vampire and freaking scary as hell!
What I didn't enjoy:
The first chapter was a little slow for me. Once I got into the story though I couldn't leave it. That's all. Really there is nothing else that is wrong with it. It is amazing. Julie Kagawa continues to blow my freaking mind. I cannot gush enough. I really can't wait for the next book in this series.