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Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater I finished this book late last night and was thinking of some brillant comments to put into my review. Unfortunately they all went away when I fell asleep. So now to write my 'tribute' review of Pretty When She Dies.
Amal-(I'm not even going to attempt to spell her full name) is a woman in her mid 20s from east Texas. She has been in college twice trying to escape a very rough life. Both her sister and mother died of cancer. Her dad married her cousin. Her aunt Mae is a toothless hag from hell and her brother seems to be a complete douche. Her only redeeming family, her grandmama and primo Sergio live in west Texas. Amal is away at college when she meets a handsome Professor who seduces her. The book starts with her waking up in her grave...a newly turned vampire.
The good:
The story is well written and the last half flows beautifully. The characters are all well written and the protags are likeable. I loved Cian. He was great. The vampires in this book are REAL vampires. The are blood loving fiends. I loved that. No angsty teenage vamps here. Sure Amal has her fair share of angst going on in the beginning of the book but she gets over that. The Summoner was scary but in a good way. I hated him. What a creeper. There is plenty of action in this book although the showdown at the end was my favorite. Gotta love little mexican grandmas. Samantha, Cian's fiance, was annoying. Cian's man servant was also a major creep.
The bad:
The first chapter or so drags. It's not until Amal gets on the road to self discovery that it really picks up. This might have been done on purpose so the reader goes through the same disorientation that Amal does. That is really the only bad thing I can say about this book. Amal is kick butt. Cian is a fox and what happens when they meet is magic.