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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer For freakin real? I HATE SHAY. I want him to go away. I realize these people are a wolf pack and have to follow a pack mentality but if I had my choice of being a wolf under Shay's rule or being a lone wolf...I'd choose lone wolf. You've been a wolf for two weeks Bud chill out and stop double guessing the girl who was raised as an alpha by two alphas. Grrr...I'll read the third book but I know that I am not going to like it!
This series started out so good. What was the point of Calla bucking the system if she is just going to fall back in line under Shay? Really what a waste of a rebellion. I realize she's with the good guys. However, she still has to follow a male and this guy is a two dimensional IDIOT. She would have been better off cowing to Ren. At least he's not a complete asshat! Yes he has flaws and is seriously a male whore but for real...Shay is too! He doesn't even have a personality and Ren does. I have never in my whole entire life hated a character as much as I HATE SHAY!