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My Robot Body Will Make You Cum - Dixon Heurass I have been goodreads friends with Dixon Heurass for less than 24 hours. In those short hours I have finished reading Fifty Shades of Freed and this short story. Let me tell you this book is a lot more entertaining than the other one.
I would like to start of this review with a few small facts (ahem* fabrications) that I have learned about Dixon. He is truely a well read individual who loves reading all of the classics. Hemmingway, Salinger, Fitzgerald. As a matter of a fact this book is a fan fic of a small unknown story by JD Salinger. I'm sure you have never heard of it. It has some kid named Holden in it. Dixon is a fantastic horse trainer and ballroom dancer. He speaks four languages fluently and loves a nice big glass of bourbon after a hard day at work.
Now to my review.
The good:
This story is well written and entertaining. I did not get grossed out. Not even once. I cannot believe this has not been optioned by a big porn house and made into a movie!
The characters are totally relatable. I can understand why he would want to become a robot. I would too if I could get a bunch of sweet attachments like he did.
The bad:
Um having a 2 liter of pop put into a vagina sounds painful. It's probably equal/greater than the pain of getting punched in the balls.
Overall this was a fun little read. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to have a big ole LOLGASM.