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The Stand - Stephen King This book is good. I still like the mini-series more though. Which is rare I usually never like the visual format better. I am not a King fan, have never been in fact. I like the man. I like some of his work, but I do not go gaga over everthing he writes. I have not been convereted into a King fanatic by The Stand. However, I will not automatically reject everything he writes. King is pretty wordy and I feel like this book could have been trimmed down. I found myself wishing that they had the earlier edition available for the Kindle so that I could read the original work without all the added stuff. I found my self skimming alot throughout the book. Especially when it came to chapters about Trashcan Man. So overall this is a really great book and is worth a read but don't expect it to be a fast read. Be prepared to put some time into this one.