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The Savage Vengeance (Savage, #4) - Tamara Rose Blodgett I read the book in a day. It was that good! Tamara gives us, yet again, another well written beautiful novel to take us away from our daily grind! No typos at all. At least I didn't catch any. Trust me if you are a fan of self published authors that is a major thing. Tamara and her editor did a great job of making sure the story flowed smoothly. This was even more important since we get to see our favorite Death characters. The marriage of both crews and stories was flawless. She took a huge risk doing this and she definately pulled it off. Clara is finally getting to the nitty gritty choices that she has been putting off for two books. I'm not even going to try and give a summary of the story. I'm afraid I will give too much away. Just read these books. You'll thank me.
Umm Caleb, Jonesy, John, Tiff, Jade, Sophie, Alex, Bry,and Randi. Hello guys, thanks for joining the party. I missed you!
No more teasing we finally get a glimpse into Clara's heart! Of course it's not set in stone a lot can change.
Prince Fredric's cousin Cesear. Oh Tamara you are so cruel...but so is he. Thanks for letting Clara and I have a good ole laugh at his expense.
The brutal justice of this world is refreshing given the current new headlines. Sometimes bad people need to be swiftly dealt with and Clara and crew definately do that in this book.
Prince Fredric and Queen Ada. (read it if you want to know what I am talking about).
Charles is becoming less of a douche. I kinda liked hating him.
I will definately be promoting this book and Tamara on my facebook and pinterest pages for as long as she keeps writing books.