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Sundered (Nevermore Trilogy, #1) - Shannon Mayer I was not blown away by this book and I love love love zombies of all shape and sizes. The subtitle a Zombie-ish apocalypse book about covers it. If you're looking for our favorite undead mindless eating machine zombies you are not going to find them here. The zombies in this book retain much of thier human traits including emotions. They form packs and hunt like wolves and eat just about anything but themselves. Which I really don't have a problem with. These are supposed to be scary creatures but they really just seem to be a minor annoyance. Which I do seem to have a problem with. Even in other books where the zombies retain some humanity they are either still threats and scary to the characters and readers. Or they are being kept "fresh" by medical intervention without which they would make you scream and pee your pants.
The pace of this book is slow and the ending was very incomplete but that's probably because it is a series. There was literally very little action. As humanity is dying more and more Nevermores(zombies) and survivng humans should be wandering out of the cities and towns. Where are they? It's the end of the world but we never see outside of the main characters rural home/neighborhood. She literally never leaves her house. How perfect for her that her neighbor is an old man who has a stockpile of weapons, food and medicine that he seems to be more than willing to share.
The fantasy in this book isn't the zombies or her zombie husband being in love with her. It's that she conviently has everything she needs to survive a short (and slightly dangerous) walk from her own home. But then maybe I am the only person alive who doesn't have a hoarding crazy old man for a neighbor.
I am not entirely sure I will invest money into the rest of this series. It all depends on how bored I am. I didn't even bother reading the sneak peak of the next book so I guess maybe I won't.