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Blood The Brotherhood Saga: 1 - Kody Boye I recieved this book from the author for an honest review.
Kody Boye is offically an author to watch!!!
Blood follows the story of Odin on his quest to become a night. He was born to an unknown creature and left with a man to raise as his own son.
What was good:
I love that Kody tells us the story behind the story before each of his books. Hearing that this tale was his Moms favorite made me smile.
The writing is drool worthy. I am not kidding here. I had so many passages highlighted on my kindle for this review. I think I will just use the first one I highlighted because it is a good sample of Kody's mastery of words:
"Morning came with the scent of dew and the glistening kiss of rain. Through he had slept for only a few mere hours, and while his body protested even the idea of rising and riding on horseback thorughout the rest of the day, Odin opened his eyes to a world that looked absolutely magical. Water droplets reflected golden-orange light in every direction, creating miniature rainbows across his plane of vision; the plants glowed green, as if new and virgin-birthed; and the earth seemed fresh and new, almost as if the devastating storm had not happened and thrust him into this horrible situation. Everything seemed godlike, in a way, as colors pulsated in ways never before and the light appeared more physical than it seemed entirely possible. Beauty couldn't describe what Odin saw through his eyes at that particular moment."pg. 31.
Wow I think my head exploded when I read that. I was like ok..I'm in let's go for this ride.
Odin is a great character. He overcomes alot of problems in this book. He is everything you want and need in a hero. He is smart, strong, well read, magical, good with a weapon, and above all brave. Even when it seems like he was going to give up he didn't.
Even though it is a fantasy the character were very real. Through Kody's descriptions of both the places and people in this book I was transported. Isn't that the point of reading books.
What wasn't so good:
I really don't have anything too bad to say about the book. There we some minor typos but I have made myself pretty clear that I do not ever judge a book by typos. However, I will mention it because I know it drives some people nuts.
The fantasy genre is really for me. While I enjoyed this book and its characters that was because of Kody's writing. If another less talented writer had told this story I wouldn't have been as enthralled as I was with this book. If you are a fan of fantasy than definately get this book. Now I am patiently waiting for his YA project with Rhiannon Frater!!!!! After reading two of his books and being a huge fan of Rhiannon Frater I can tell that book is going to rock my face off!!!!