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Death Weeps - Tamara Rose Blodgett OMGEEEZ. Geekin out here!!!! Gotta get my shit together to write a review that will do this book some justice!
It's no surprise that I love Tamara Rose Blodgett's Death Series. Before this book I didn't think my love for her could get any more profound and deep. I was wrong. I have the biggest author crush on her. Is that even a real thing? Well it is now.
This book was masterfully done. Caleb and crew certainly grew up ALOT in this one. The one lines and snark are still there in spades. However, Caleb is learning the real consequences of his actions. Not just from his court case and probation but from some problems that arise between himself and a certain member of the group. As Caleb says later in the book "Complications, Complications the story of my life".

Tamara-you almost gave me a heartattack toward the end of the book with all the crap you did to Gramps. I was like oh, no, she isn't going to kill my favorite character!

Even know I knew it was coming the cameo by the Savage folks was awesome. I was surprised to see that it felt more rounded and expanded in this book. Probably because I knew both side of the story. Reading the Savage series will help your understanding of the "Dome" world but it is not necessary. Tamara is a supremely talented writer and she gives the reader just enough background and information to understand what the heck is going on. Think of this as a teaser for one of her other beautiful worlds (that I am also completely in love with).
Now to the man of the hour. CLYDE!!!! Clyde was present in a big way in this book. Honestly half the characters would not be alive if not for his supremeo awesome awesomesauce! Take a look:

"Master," Clyde breathed. My *spoiler*, my zombie.
My friend.
He turned his head to the side and a very human emotion stood there
Fear and grief, mingled in a bitter pill of stark realization.
"Save her" he begged.
I grabed *spoiler's* small hand and felt death on the edges of her. I could taste it.
I took some of the life I'd given Clyde and siphoned it off him for *spoiler*. As she bloomed like a flower, his spark faded.
The action is BIG TIME in this novel and it showcases Tamara's beautiful writing style perfectly. CLYDE owned the show. I'm not kidding even Caleb acknowledges this "I smiled at Clyde, he got shit done". Yes, Yes he does. This book is simply amazing. If you are one of those people that doesn't like/trust glowing 5 star reviews---well it is simply impossible to dumb this book down to 3 stars. Sorry I cannot do that, nor do I want to, nor will I ever! You cannot make me.
Now to compose a super stalkerish love letter to Tamara---kids---I already sent one of those months ago!

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