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Someone Else's Skye - Men of Brahm Hill - Book One

Someone Else's Skye - Men of Brahm Hill - Book One - Christine Wenrick Dude, what? Why the heck have you all not read this book? Seriously!!! I love Kane. I loved him in the Charmed Trilogy, and I love him even more in his own book!
Someone Else’s Skye picks up right where we left the The Brethern boys in book three of the Charmed Trilogy. Kane is still the sexy beast he was in those books, but more so now that the spotlight has been shined directly on him. And yes he is a beast, he is a natural shifter after all. And that comes with some unique abilities on the fighting field and in more compromising situations.
Christine can write steamy scenes like no other author I have ever encountered. She cranks them up to ten and then goes over to an eleven. It’s intense and fun to read. But she’s got more than just sexy writing chops. She writes excellent characters who are more than the sum of their body parts, and great action scenes. You want to lose yourself in a book, then I suggest you pick up the Charmed Trilogy, and Someone Else’s Skye. I truly believe that this book can be read solo without needing the other books. Because it is a new series, but in the same world as the trilogy. But honestly, after reading this you’re going to want to read the other books. No you’re going to NEED to read her other works. She’s just that kind of author. I got lucky when she asked me to review her stuff, because it introduced me to her, but even if she hadn’t asked me to read the rest of the trilogy and Someone Else’s Sky I would have hunted the books down and bought them.
The paranormal world that Christine has built is unreal (as in it’s amazing), and fun. It’s sexy, dangerous, and fast paced. Things happen fast for these characters, and they hit hard. It’s a full impact type of read. You can’t not be attached to the story. I am simply in love with it. Just when I think PNR has nothing more to offer me I read one of Christine’s books and get sucked back into it! They are just so good!
I cannot wait for the next installment. As in I need it now! And I am begging for an Alec book. Are we getting an Alec book Christine? Pretty please!!!!!