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Welcome to Sugartown - Carmen Jenner For the month of October, until he decomposes and meets his final death, we will be having a guest reviewer chatting with me about the books we read.
His name is Zombie Derek, be sure to check out Contagious Reads for more from him, and us!
Welcome to Sugartown is the debut novel from Carmen, and what a debut it was!!!
L: Don’t you agree Zombie Derek?
D: I do, I very much enjoyed this edgy and darker take on New Adult romance.
L: Care to tell us more about the novel, just give us a bit of background.
D: Sure, the story follows Ana Belle and Elijah Cade as they fall in love in a very dramatic and fascinating way! It’s insta-lust. We both know, I don’t really swing that way, but man that Elijah…W.O.W. Elijah has a bunch of secrets and Ana has issues with his nature to hide things, and act a bit passionately. It’s got some pretty gory parts in it. Lots of blood, and skin carving…..skin….blood….brraaaiiinnnnss.
L: Okay. So, what was you’re favorite part of the book?
D: The whole thing! It was fun and fresh and a blast to read. It had plenty of naked bodies….with exposed skin, pink, rosey, alive….flesh.
L: Least favorite part?
D: Ummm lack of cats. Yeah. It needed some more cats. The author phonetically spells out the younger brothers lisp. It’s cute as hell, but did distract me the first few times he was speaking. By the end of the book I felt it gave him an extra flair, and made him unforgettable. Seriously, that kid was so cute I could eat him……*smacks lips*
L: And you wonder why I never let you leave the house! What about the writing? Clean? Clear? Engaging?
D: Yes, Yes and Yes! Once I picked up the kindle I was hooked! I even forgot to eat. Missing meals is never good for a zombie. But I couldn’t help it!!! Lucky for me you left the door unlocked!
L: Is that where the neighbors cat went?
D: I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. But yes, this book is unbelievably good. I cannot wait for it to come out so I can gush about it with someone other than you. Elijah Cade. I could eat that boy. For. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Seriously, he’s a tall dude, there’s a lot to him. And even though he’s a bad boy biker he has a big heart, and is pretty smart too. Oh and for the ladies (because I’m a dude, I don’t care about these things) he’s uh…packing if you get my drift. Total package. Delicious.
L: Well, uh thanks for sharing your thoughts on Welcome to Sugartown with us Zombie Derek!!! I have to say that I completely agree with everything you said. Well minus the cats part. I certainly didn’t notice a lack of cats around, not with all the steamy, and bloody action going on!!!
Thank you to Carmen for the review copy! We loved it!!!
Lori and Derek!