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A Brutal Tenderness (A Terrible Love, #2) - Marata Eros Have you read A Terrible Love yet? Are you wary of reading this because you think it will be the same shit? Well no worries. This really is a whole new book. I barely recognized the same story. Cas has his own tale to tell and it's a hot one.
Some hard truths:
Cas is a guy. So yes Boobs, Vaginas, and sex cross his mind a lot. So be prepared for those.
Cas is volatile. So yes, he gets into fights.
Cas is hot.
You know me. Well you don't. But I am not an over the top Alpha male makes me drool on my lap like a love sick little girl type of female. I like babyfaces. I like non threatening. IRL. But Cas has a certain appeal. He was super protective of Jewelle (did I spell that right?) But he wasn't psycho you can't do anything because I am your lord and master protective.
The writing was 100% Marata/Tamara. It's her voice folks, and it rocks my face off. She has her own writing style and I love it. It's fast and furious and holds no prisoners. Get on for the ride, or don't.
I literally inhaled this book. I loved every single second of it. The MC's did not lose their chemistry, it is still as dark and beautiful as ATL was. Everything about this book was awesome, and great, and neat, and HOT!
Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to have the ARC!