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Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson Mia Baron is a Death Dealer. A life she choose to live when revenge against her parents murderer was offered. Being a soul Taxi is not an easy job. She often needs the assistance of her partner Deacon an elite Death Dealer. When the scum that killed her parents is finally on her to die list she is relieved until the unexpected happens. To say that this case was her hardest is an understatement.

Death Dealer was a cool read it really was. The world that Ashley built was amazing. I loved it. The heroine was kick butt, but flawed. She made mistakes, and had a great sense of humor all things that I love. The hero of the story Deacon was all part equal to Mia, he didn't over shadow her at all even though he is a higher rank that her.

The story was fun, and fast paced. It was a great quick read that kept me entertained. However, I think that because it was a novella instead of a full length novel the romance aspect out weighed the action side of the story. And I like for those to be balanced in these sorts of books. Which needless to say, means this book will appeal to a lot of readers. A lot! Because the romance is smoking hot, I just wanted a bit more action. It seemed like we were going strong, and then BOOM romance took over. Again, this is me personally. However, that being said, I will continue on with the series because it was such a fun read.