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Broken Stone (Souls of the Stones, #3) - Kelly  Walker I fell in love with Cornerstone and these characters a few short months ago, and hanging with Emariya and Torain has been nothing but a blast. Each book takes the reader on an epic adventure. Broken Stone is my favorite out of the series. I loved every single minute I spent reading it.
Emariya's journey has been nothing but ups and downs since we first met her. She is such a strong character, she face adversity head on. Even when she thinks all is lost she still continues to go on. I love that!
Kelly is able to weave an epic fantasy tale that lures me in and keeps me hooked. She did it not just with one but three books. Honestly, if she wanted to keep going and tell the rest of Riya's and Torain's tale I wouldn't say no to reading it. Oh, and can I have a book about Torin too, while your at it Kelly? :D I'm kidding.
The back drop of the book is epic, each land that Riya visits is beautifully detailed but doesn't bore the reader. Kelly doesn't tell us about how many threads the rug has, she instead shows us how beautiful the rug is and moves on!
The action sequences are to die for, so riveting I was literally holding my breath throughout the book.
Torain is back! In the second book it almost felt like he had lost a little bit of his edge, but the darkly beautiful prince that I fell in love with was here. Writing an alpha type male meant for younger audiences can be hard, well at least for authors that try to do it responsibly, and Kelly definitely does that. He's in charge, but he also knows how to choose his battles and listen. He's an equal to Riya and that truly shows in this book.
The ending was truly satisfying in that it felt complete. Does that mean that I won't wish, and hope for more. Obviously I do, but I am ok with the way things ended.
Broken Stone, and the Soul of Stones trilogy are books that will stay with me for a while. Thank you Kelly for the chance to read and review these works.