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The Savage Principle (Savage, #3) - Tamara Rose Blodgett In this novella we get to hang out with Clara's mom Rowenna and see her story. It's one of heartache, love and it is all so bittersweet.
Love was an errant master, unjust to the finest detail, forcing its will against all odds, against all reason.
The heart always won.

Rowenna is Band and select. She has chosen her mate, but she has also been chosen by the Travelers for their genetic games. Her and Prince Raymond of the sphere are to come together to create an offspring that will save their future. No pressure or anything, right? The kicker, Rowenna doesn't get to raise the child, and traveling through the pathway will shorten Raymond's life. It seems no one is to have a HEA. If you have been following Tamara's Savage series you know how this story ends. However, I recommend reading this book. Not only because it is awesome, but because it is packed full of surprises.

It's amazing to me that Tamara can go back and forth between this writing style and the writing style she uses in her contemp work (like Death, and Blood) so effortlessly. I love the steampunk feel to the Savage series. It has been awhile since I have been in this world so I had to acclimate to the speech, but I did so quickly. The story draws us in. It really does.

Prince/King Raymond is everything we are led to believe he is. He is clearly a very amazing man. Clara was lucky to have him, even if it was for a short while. He is so tender with Rowenna. He treats her with respect despite the fact that they have had the weight of their world put on their shoulders.
..."you will come to me without inhibition, of your own desire. If it take one month or six, it will be of your choosing Rowenna."

Rowenna was not always Big Warrior Amazon woman. She really had to work her way to that position. She faced a lot of adversary.

Ada, she still makes me want to vomit. She is so evil. It's equal parts awesomely evil and oh my gawsh how can someone suck so badly.

We meet new characters in this book and they are only here briefly, but they make such a huge impact that they will be remembered.
This novella is amazing. It's under 30k but I finished it with a satisfied feeling. It felt complete and whole. Sometimes shorter works leave me wanting more, but not Principle.

This is most definitely a great addition to this series. I cannot wait to dive back into this world with all this new information when Protector comes out in April.
***I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for this opinion. This review is 100% honest.