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I Fucked the Mummy (Monster Sex, #3) - Delilah Fawkes Layla is having a restless night. The funding for the dig she is on has been pulled and they must leave the next day. She knows there is something in that tomb. So being the go getter that she is so goes to find out what is down deep in the tomb. She enters the room with the Egyptian penises all over the wall and blows on them. What do you know. You blow on the Egyptian penis glyphs and they start to glow. Fabulous. After much lead up and foreplay a door opens. Layla being the brave girl that she is goes into that tunnel. She enters a room with a sarcophagi in it. It's a beaut...complete with the Pharaohs face, rock hard body and a 3D golden dildo carved in the front.

Oh my. She strokes it and reads the glyphs.....hmmm seems she must use it as the key to open the gates to resurrect Osiris and Isis. Being the silly and naive girl that she is she thinks that using the golden dildo key to open her gates will release her from the room that she is now trapped in.
"Even though I wanted out of this god-forsaken room, I never expected to actually wake the dead! I thought humping the Golden Dildo of Osiris would trigger some mechanism, Indiana-Jones-style, opening the door again."

Nope sister, you just fucked a mummy.
"Something glinted from the wrappings, and my eyes locked on it. the golden cock protruded from it's crotch, bobbing in the light, locking on the empty hole where the phallus should have been.
My screams echoed off the walls, bouncing back and filling my ears.
I just fucked a mummy!"

Now if you aren't having a 'gasm be it the 'o' or the 'lol' form, you my friend are dead. This quick read is full of moments of smutty genius that is hot and hilarious.
I love Delilah Fawkes. I think she is a master of fun smut. Her monster erotica's are to die for.