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Impulse (Mageri, #3) - Dannika Dark Dannika takes on another wild ride in this tale. Silver is just getting ready to "celebrate" her first birthday as a mage. She's got a great guy named Logan Cross, and she is surround by people who care about her for the first time in her life. But that doesn't mean life is simple. Oh no. Nero is still out to get her. Silver also learns who she really is and what that means for her future.

So much to talk about. But I can't because I don't want to spoil this series. After two weeks you should have at least picked up Sterling by now. Seriously, such a good series. It's got all the right elements that make a great PNR. In Impulse we learn more about the depth of each character and the pain that they all hide within themselves.
I found Justus's growth as a character the most rewarding. I'll admit. I couldn't stand Justus in Sterling, and I wasn't too fond of him in Twist. But in Impulse I think I finally get him.
"'I love you, Ghuardian, I love you.' When he started to back away, my hands gripped his shoulders. 'You're all the family I've got. You feed me, care for me, teach me, protect me, and put up with me. That's love--more than my own mother ever offered. You don't have to say it back.'My voice cracked. 'What can I do to take away your pain away?'
......he dropped his head against my shoulder and his body sagged. 'Don't speak of my charm. The jokes--they sting.'"

Ok. I know that is a long quote but it just wraps up perfectly how these characters have grown up and grown on my throughout this series.
All of our other favorite men are in this book and they all deal with their own personal issues and battles. Justus's just struck a chord with me.
Silver's relationship with her mother is finally brought to a head and it's heartbreaking. I've suffered through a strained relationship with my own mother in the past. I sobbed. Nothing hurts more than thinking that your own mother doesn't love you.
Dark can write human emotion even when her characters are not human. That is why I love her work and I think that is why so many others are in love with it too. Of course the steamy hot men don't hurt either. ;)