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There (On the Otherside, #2) - Denise Grover Swank Julia is stuck in an alternate universe and on the run from the UR. Her and her two boyfriends Reece, and Evan go on a wild ride and pick up the super awesome kickass Jo.
What I loved:
This book was amazingly good. Swank is one of heck of a master world builder and her characters are dynamic and full of life. Jo was an amazing addition to the cast and in my mind made this book what it was. Without all of the twists and turns that her character takes thing could have gotten dull. Julia is faced with some tough decisions and circumstances and she takes them on head on. Sure she questions her ability to move on but Jo is always there to give her a good metaphorical face slap. She snaps out her self pity and keeps on going. Like a champ.

What I found 'meh': Reece and Evan. I was not drawn to either one of these two boys. I didn't hate their characters, although, Reece makes my skin crawl on several occasions. Maybe it's because I just finished reading a f/f novella that was full of awesome, but whatever the case Jo and Julia's friendship and it's ups and downs were center stage in terms of the relationship I was rooting for. This line killed me "The last thing I see is Jo's face, her smile and the love in her eyes." SOMEBODY GET ME A DAMN TISSUE!!!!

There was nothing that I didn't really like about the book. Maybe the length. It is a longish seeming book. But is that really a bad thing? HELL NO!!!

Overall this sequel is awesome. I am unsure if this is a continuing series or not. The ending is an open ended closing. Either way. I am a DGS fan 4L.